Como enviar diferentes formatos de archivos mas de 1GB en Whatsapp y otros IM

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Como enviar diferentes formatos de archivos mas de 1GB en Whatsapp y otros IM

At present instant messengers totally changed the way we communicate with each other, instant messengers are there from a long time, when I started to use internet for the first time i came to know that there is something called Yahoo Messenger, G-talk, and Orkut which let us communicate in real time using text messages, at that point of time there was no Android and other smartphones, and we had to use our computers mostly, also when it needed to send any file we were doing it over the emails.

Nowadays everything has been changed since the smartphones came into existence especially the Android smartphone, it is expected that mobile will be the primary device to connect with the internet by 2020,  also there are tons of instant messengers are available which does offers different features apart from real-time communication, but few instant messengers went too far in term of popularity like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Wechat etc, you can send photos, videos, contacts, location, stickers, and emoji but when it come to file type and size every IM has restriction, like you can’t send bigger file than 16 MB on WhatsApp also you can’t send pdf and other document files over IM.


Send any file up to 1 GB on WhatsApp & Other IM using WhatsTools


There are several ways you can send big files on Whatsapp like, upload the file to Dropbox or Google Drive generate a shareable link and send it using WhatsApp or Messenger.

Above task may be hectic since you have to upload the file and generate a shareable link every time you need to send a file, to automate and make this task easy as possible here comes WhatsTools which lets you send different file format having size up to 1 GB.

How to Install WhatsTools

WhatsTools is currently available for Android smartphones only, it will be available for Windows phone soon according to the developers.

  1. First download the WhatsTools from Play Store                                                                                                         
  2. After installing WhatsTools, Open it and it will ask for the permission to Start the WhatsTools Service.                   whatstools
  3. Once you tap on Turn On Service it will prompt for another pup up window tap OK, Continue there.
  4. It will take you to Settings > Accessibility check the bottom of the screen you will find WhatsTools Service, Tap on it and Turn ON the Service from the Right Top corner.
  5. Now it will ask for permission to connect with your Google Drive, authenticate the permission and connect Google drive to WhatsTools.

How to Use WhatsTools


Lets WhatsApp as example.

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap of attachment option.
  2. Now whatsTools will prompt for an option to send different files like this.                                                                       whatstools download
  3. Select the file type ( Archive, doc, ebook etc) which you want to send.
  4. It will prompt you to choose files, select your file and tap on Share button.
  5. WhatsTools will generate a link for your file and copy it to chat box, all you need to do is hit send.
  6. The file will be uploaded to your Google drive in the background, you will see a WhatsTools folder in Google drive.
  7. The receiver needs to open that link to download the file.
  8. It generates a link which can be open into any browser on any device like iPhone, Windows phone etc.
  9. The receiver doesn’t need WhatsTools to download the file.
  10. If you send a large file it will immediately generate the link and keeps uploading you may send that link and receiver will get option “Download when ready”. You can share that link on any IM.

So WhatsTools is going to be handy for most of the users who needs files sharing over IM, it saves your time as you don’t have to manually upload and create a shareable link to the file every time.

Here is a little privacy problem that anyone having generated link can view and download the file, if receiver further shares that link to their contact or in a group or on web they all will be able to view the files, however, every file is under your control you can always change the privacy of file by going to Google drive, or delete it permanently.

If you send large files too frequent your Google Drive may get full in this case you have to delete old files in order to send new files again.

Conclusion – WhatsTools is a new way to send different file format on Whatsapp and other instant messengers having file size up to 1 GB, which saves your time and frustration.

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